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Talent has always been considered as the basic factor for Anyka to start, keep and expand business. We adhere to the human resources principle that Comportment decides continuance, Capability decides grade, and Completion decides reward.


Nowadays, as the talent environment is getting much more mature and the competition is being keener and keener, we deeply understand that the win-win strategy to seek sustainable development of the enterprise is to provide competitive rewards to all our devoted staff. Measures have been taken accordingly, for example,

l       Making and executing the salary and incentive plan following the achievement-oriented rule with reference  to the employees' personal overall development;

l       Implementing the social insurance and housing accumulation fund policy according to the state regulations, supplemented by certain kind of commercial insurance under some special circumstances;

l       Besides all statutory holidays,  offering our staff with longer paid annual holidays than statutory as well as paid personal leave, paid sick leave and so on;

l       For the sake of staff's fitness and health, providing regular body check;

l       Providing transportation service to and from work in necessary cities depending on the geographical position

l       ……


In addition, Anyka Labour Union organizes kinds of sport clubs to offer our staff with a good platform for sports and communication, such as football, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, snooker pool etc. The labour union also sends best wishes and presents to those on their birthday.

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